Check out the “MOONLIGHT PACK

19/08/2016 05:00 PM

Join a community of night riders! Test yourself on 3 unique night challenges to show off your style while shining in the dark.

Players who pre-order the Standard or Gold Editions will be able to extend their night-riding experiences through The Moonlight pack. This pack contains new challenges and equipment, including:

• Three extra night challenges


• Three new night outfits


• Glowing equipment for each activity (ski, snowboard, wingsuit and paraglide)


• Night flare


• Wingsuit Rocket flare

NIGHT_08-2-wingsuit_02 refluo copy

Pre-order Steep now & get your Moonlight Pack to stand out from the crowd!

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Steep Season 13 - Christmas is all around

Season 13: Christmas is All Around

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Active Descent System: Chalet Mission

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