Steep Star #8: Vi77aiN

18/04/2017 03:38 PM

What name do you go by?

vi77ain. It's an adaptation of a nickname I got back in my more "mischievous" skateboarding days. Well behind me I swear!

What's your primary playstyle?

Extreme rider for sure. I like putting my rider into situations no sane human would ever find themselves in. It's nice to just hit restart after the abusive 1000ft drops I constantly put him through.


What's your favorite sport to play in Steep?

Without a doubt snowboarding! Let those 2 plankers and squirrels have their fun but everybody knows snowboarders do it best.

Favorite spot?

That's tough, so many. Right now, I like riding around La Fieuse seeing if I can get through the wingsuit gaps on a board (most times it doesn't end well). I'm sure there will be new spots I haven't found yet and that's definitely one of Steeps' strong points.

Proudest Achievement?

Well, I do a little happy dance whenever I manage an All-Time! But I'd say overall I'm probably most proud of our short film "Last Chair". Took a lot of people's efforts to try and bring my vision of storytelling inside Steep to life. There are sooo many creative people out there making really great films using Steep (most notable for me are "Blueprint" and "Welcome"). I was just hoping to follow along with these guys and make something worthwhile. But that's for the community to decide and overall I've been really happy with the feedback from everyone. So a big thank you!

What do you do besides play Steep?

Snowboard and work. Nothing is better than being out on a mountain with friends, just flying down runs and playing in the woods. Those are my favorite days. But bills need to be paid (as my wife likes to remind me every time I pick up the controller) so I have my own business where I do contracting work. It's nice to be able to craft things from scratch.

Your wildest dream about Steep?

I just want it to last and always hold my interest. Which so far it has done marvelously. I would like to see something resembling a live jam session event added. Think big air at xgames. Players grouped up, competing live against each other for a set time to see who can do the best trick/jump. Could be kind of cool to interact with everybody online at a particular time but hey, everybody wants something right. Just keep the good stuff coming Ubisoft!


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