[2017-04-20] Winterfest announcement

Welcome to the Winterfest

03/05/2017 12:00 AM

With the Winterfest, players will be able to jump into Steep’s stunning Alps to participate in the craziest snow sports festival ever. Steep's massive open world playground adds in even more fun with the introduction of a new sport with the introduction of a new action sport: the Winter Sled. In addition to this new sport, the Winterfest DLC delivers 21 wacky Winterfest challenges with more than 10 zany costumes, props, and brand new bosses that will draw fans into a breathtaking adventure that invites players to defeat fantastic new foes.

The Winter Fest Pack DLC is now available for standalone purchase and included with the Season Pass.


12-08- SWT 2

Steep World Tour Stars: Confused_Furret

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07/12/201708:00 AM

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Learn to master all the Olympic events!

Do you know all the Olympic Winter Games events we’re introducing with STEEP Road to the Olympics?

05/12/201710:00 AM

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Share your epic rides from Steep!

Are you particularly proud of a specific Challenge you’ve created or want to share your biggest fail ever with the rest of the World? Then check the following tips to create your Steep video and build your Legend!

05/12/201710:00 AM

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