Steep Beta Begins November 10, Open Beta November 18

10/31/2016 09:00 AM

Steep’s open-world re-creation of the Alps lets you experience the thrills of snowboarding, paragliding, skiing, and wingsuiting down some of the world’s most famous slopes, and you’ll soon be able to experience those same thrills early with two upcoming Steep Beta phases on PS4, Xbox One, and PC via download. The first phase – open to players who register by November 9 – officially begins November 10 and runs to November 14, while the second phase – open to all players – runs from November 18 to November 21. Pre-loading begins the day before each beta kicks off.

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Steep is Sunsetting: Let’s Celebrate as We Look Forward

Join us in celebrating the very best moments of Steep as we look forward to the future of extreme sports games.

09/10/202012:00 PM

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Show ctOS Some Sweet Tricks!

04/28/202012:00 PM

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New Community Challenges

New challenges for you and the community to hit the slopes together

03/23/202012:00 PM

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