Steep Player Spotlight #1: Fruitarian

12/07/2016 10:00 AM

What name do you go by?
Fruitarian in Steep, SoonHot on YouTube

What’s your primary playstyle?

Your favorite sport to play in Steep?

Favorite spot?
From the part of the world we were able to play during the Open Beta… it would have to be La Seche (which I think in French translates to ‘The Dry’, so someone French will have to explain that to me). It’s not one of the big popular Drop Zones, but I find myself going back there all the time. Why? La Seche couldn’t be more fittingly named – it's my go-to for a sesh! Every day is another of Steep’s ‘perfect days’ up there. It can be your launchpad for long winding rides down to the sparkling Lake Annecy, but me, I love it for being bright, wide, and inviting - perfect for inventing some fresh lines.

Proudest achievement?
Well as a Freerider, I’m happy just happening across new places, so discovering all the Points of Interest was a wonderfully chill way to play. I really enjoy making Freeride challenges for friends, too... and then watching them panic when they can’t trick or race to victory – this is about STYLE now compadres! Show me how smooth you can be!

What you do besides playing Steep?
I’m an Extreme Skier. Oh, besides Steep… well, I’m a pretty extreme poet? Whether in Steep or not, I know how to handle my Gs. ;)

Your wildest dream about Steep?
I see this game growing into a thriving online open-mountain community of players from all over the world making their own fun. Steep has a shot at being a landmark in this genre, and to achieve it I hope the talented Ubisoft Annecy Team can keep it alive with new content, expanding worlds, and more and more wild ways to bring players together in this extraordinary social playground. See you on the mountains everybody!


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