Made in the Alps #1-3: World, Tricks, Sharing

12/15/2016 10:00 AM

Our “Made in the Alps” video series takes you to Annecy, France to hear from the Steep team about designing and developing the game.

Made in the Alps #1: The World

You can’t have a massive open-world mountain without, well, designing the world… In the first episode, the team talks about being inspired by having the Alps right at their front door to create a breath-taking environment and exciting experience on the mountain.

Made in the Alps #2: Tricks

In this episode, we take you back to the Alps to talk to the Freestyler contingent of the Ubisoft Annecy team about designing the tricks system in Steep and how you can become the ultimate Freestyler!

Made in the Alps #3: Sharing

Want to relive or share with friends that epic moment on the mountains? In this third installment of the series, the dev team talks about the challenge creation and video sharing features in Steep. To learn more about sharing (and a lot more!), check out our Tips for Playing Steep in the forums.

Show us what you got!

This is your time to shine on the mountain – show the Steep Community your most epic moments and amazing rides! Use #SteepGame and #SteepCommunity when sharing your videos or screenshots, or you can send them directly to us at SteepCreators@ubisoft.com.

While you’re checking out these first videos in our Made in the Alps series, why not head over to our Steep Epic Rides Community Playlist on YouTube to see all the amazing stuff your fellow Steep players are creating?

See you on the mountain!


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