STATE OF THE GAME: Update 1.02

12/22/2016 10:00 AM

Dear Steep Players,

Our latest game update is now live! You’ll find below highlights of fixes and improvements now available in Steep. We thank you for your feedback and keep it coming – we’re listening!

  • Progression Page Added to Menu
    Players can now check their progression from the menu and have an overview of all the challenges they have completed, as well as the ones remaining to be completed or unlocked. Challenges can also be filtered by type or sport. You can select any unlocked challenge and be sent directly to it in Mountain View. It’s a new way to browse quickly through the content in the game.

  • Fixed: Tricks Exploit
    A system now informs players when they don’t move on to the next checkpoint after a pre-set amount of time, preventing them from being able to go back up the mountain to score tricks. Players attempting to boost snowboard/skiing challenge scores in this way will now be automatically detected and disqualified when trying to complete these challenges.

  • Fixed: “Help me, I’m Stuck on a Rock and I can’t get up!”
    Players no longer get stuck on rocks when retrying a challenge.

  • Fixed: “Customization Reset”
    A character’s customization is no longer reset to default after a player has previously mixed various pieces of costumes and items.

  • Fixed: “NEW Indicator, or the ‘Wait, didn’t I already do that challenge?’ Issue”
    Players who have already completed Invitational Challenges no longer see them marked as “NEW” on Mountain view. Instead, this “NEW” sign is replaced by “Already completed”.

  • Fixed: “Permanent Players”
    Players no longer see other players who have left the map and/or aren’t riding next to them anymore.

  • Fixed: “Connect to a Group”
    For Xbox One players who had issues joining other players for grouping, they should no longer receive an error message when attempting to do so.

  • Miscellaneous Improvements:
    • When you ride, very distant challenges won’t be visible anymore, reducing the crowded feeling on screen and enhancing the immersion in the mountains.
    • You can now change ambiance in Mountain View, using DPAD Down.
    • In the RIDER page, you can now preview items before buying them. Leave your cursor on an item for a second and your rider’s preview will be updated
    • You can now teleport to a player of your group directly from the Mountain View by selecting him/her with the cursor.

We hope these fixes and improvements enhance your experience in Steep, so please get back on that mountain and check them out!

- The Steep Team


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