Steep Player Spotlight #3: Kdogg788

01/06/2017 09:00 AM

What name do you go by?

Kdogg788 in almost everything, including Steep on Xbox One, of course. Kdogg130 in Battlefield games. It comes from a nickname that guys at a timeshare house gave me. You can't make up your own nicknames...

What’s your primary playstyle?

I prefer exploring and freeriding. It's so easy to get lost in the map and just take super long runs in a direction that looks interesting. The world is by far the most open and free I've ever seen in a game like this and it echoes how I prefer to ride an actual mountain. The full mountain should be open and yours to explore, not just what is shown on the trail map. I'm thankful that my old crew taught me that and showed me so many backwoods and out of the way places that not many people knew about. That same spirit is alive in Steep.

Your favorite sport to play in Steep?

Snowboarding absolutely. The graphics in third person have a weighty feel that you don't get in many other snowboard games. That said, I was a skier originally and the first-person skiing is amazing. You get a real feel for the speed and pitch in first person.

Favorite spot?

I've been spending a lot of time in the Tyrol region but just beginning to get to know the Aoste region with the Matterhorn. I like super long lines with varied terrain. It's great to start a run on a high summit, plunge down steep chutes, maneuver through ice fields and forests, and end with a turn through a terrain park.

Proudest achievement?

Working my way through the medals in certain challenges. Some people have an easy time with even the hardest ones but I have to work them out to really get a good run. I'm still way off the global leaderboard pace but that's ok.

What you do besides playing Steep?

For other games I head a large unit in Mechwarrior Online. Also I'm a fan of the Far Cry series, Forza games, Rocksmith, Europa Universalis/Crusader Kings, and Battlefield titles. Besides gaming, I'm into playing guitar, biking, going to the beach, and spending time with my wife.

Your wildest dream about Steep?

First would be hiking and exploring in first person. It would be an easy thing to add which would increase immersion tenfold while walking. My wildest dream would be rock climbing or mountaineering. To be able to climb shear faces with ice axes, crampons, and tools would be amazing. If they went full on with climbing you would be able to recreate the classic Alpine routes on the great faces, place gear, have a team of two or more climbers, climbing gear, rappelling, etc. Even if it were a more simplified version of this I would be happy. Check out a book called "Mont Blanc Massif - The 100 Finest Routes" by Gaston Rebuffat. The Alps could expand with the Eiger, Weisshorn, and more. Another dream of mine would be the Himalayas as a possible area. There are so many great peaks to include. You could also have features such as Trango tower and the Rupal face to base jump/wingsuit from.

I watched through E3 this past summer and was not really impressed with anything new, but when I saw the Steep announcement I knew that was the game for me. So far, the game has exceeded all my expectations. Let's see what the New Year will bring. Hopefully climbing and the Himalayas?


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