Steep Star #4: xGBx Boogie

01/19/2017 10:00 AM

What name do you go by?
In the forums and on Xbox, I go by xGBx Boogie.


What’s your primary Playstyle?
My primary playstyle would be Exploring. The world is so large, I have a lot of fun exploring, finding new lines to ride and new spots to spawn on. It seems like every time I load the game, I find great new lines to ride. When I find a line I really like, I save it so I can keep coming back later on.

Your favorite sport to play in Steep?
My favorite sport by far would be Skiing. I grew up learning to ski from a young age, growing up always playing all the snowboarding games from Cool Boarders on PS1 to the Apes series and Stoked series to get my winter fix. Now that there is a solid skiing game, I’ve fallen in love.


Favorite spot?
My favorite spot to ride would be anywhere in the Cursed Mountains. The peaks over there provide so many possibilities. You have the rocky passes, steep chutes, and glacier runs. So many great lines that I don't get bored much on that part of the mountain.

Proudest achievement?
To continue on with the exploring aspect, my proudest achievement would be finding all the Points of Interest. It was a long process, the last 10 seemed like they took forever, but by skiing different lines I finally unlocked them all.

What you do besides playing Steep?
I am an avid guitarist. I have been playing through Rocksmith and having a lot of fun learning to play some of my favorite songs. I also enjoy playing the Forza games and the Battlefield series.

Your wildest dream about Steep?
Steep has been a dream come true for me, as well as for all winter sports enthusiasts. With the added sports and Alaska coming later on, it will only get better. My wildest dream would be to allow us to build jumps wherever we like for even more fun, and add rails to the game with the ability to grind with snowboard or skis. If those were implemented, it would bring the game to a whole new level.


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