[2017-03-01] News - New Item / Burger Mask - HEADER/THUMB

New Alaska items available

03/01/2017 12:00 PM

Dear Steep Riders,

Get one of our new Alaska items and be ready to ride with style! Go check the new scarfs, helmets, ski & costumes in the rider page!


Freeride World Tour is back

Check all the dates and locations below. Competition starts on September 15th and it is open to everyone!

09/14/201709:00 AM

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Steep World Tour Stars: super-pilot

The second series of the Steep World Tour Season 2 just ended and we have interviewed the PS4 Rider who has won it.

09/14/201709:00 AM

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Steep World Tour - 'Own the Sky': The Winners!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the second series of the Steep World Tour Season 2! Please check the best riders below.

09/11/201712:00 PM

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