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Standard Edition

Defy and master the world’s most epic mountains on skis, wingsuits, snowboards, and paragliders. Go solo or drop-in side by side with other players. Record and share the most insane stunts ever captured. Dare your friends to try out your custom lines, then challenge the world to beat your best tricks and relive your most epic wipeouts.

The mountain is yours to explore. So strap in, suit up, and drop in!

Gold Edition

Steep™ Gold Edition will include the main game as well as the Season Pass. The Steep Season Pass gives players access to all major expansions, as well as additional digital content, outfits and equipment. Steep Gold Edition riders can also suit up in style with an exclusive costume.

Season Pass

Drop In with the STEEP Season Pass: including 3 packs of exclusive challenges, unique costumes, and adrenaline-pumping add-on sports to customize your ride and take your mountain experience to the next level. The Season Pass also includes bonus Helicopter Tickets, an Exclusive Snowman Costume, and 10,000 Steep Credits.


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