Steep Season 13 - Christmas is all around

Season 13: Christmas is All Around

03/12/2019 12:00 PM

Ho ho ho! Season 13 has blown in! From December 3rd to January 7th, you can celebrate the holidays by enjoying an avalanche of seasonal specials!


Here are a few different specials you can access throughout the month:

  • New Playlist - Jumpy Vibes
  • SPECIAL EVENT - Steep Anniversary – Avalanche of Gifts - December 2– 8
  • Demo Playlists - Tricks for All, Cherry Blossom, and Snow Park Fest
  • EVENT - Santa Mission – December 24
  • EVENT - New Year Celebration

Also, keep a lookout for new PVP activities at the beginning and the end of the month!


One of our Yetis made a Season Special for you to try. Available in the Live Page, “Yeti specials by ZappZ-WR” is a race challenge in the steep slopes of Alaska.

To win, you’ll need to expertly jump off industrial ramps, cut through dilapidated buildings, and sharply steer through trees—all faster than your competitors of course! Best of luck!


We have 8 new challenges for you to test your skills:

  • Week of December 3
    • Anniversary Bonus - Beat [15 000] pts playing [Red Bull -Aravis] challenge (Alps) and try to win the Anniversary Bonus: 20,000 Steep Credits!
  • Week of December 24
    • Christmas Jackpot - Beat [13 000] pts playing [Dream Field] challenge (Alaska) and try to win the Jackpot of Christmas: 20,000 Steep Credits!
    • Santa Challenge - Ho ! Ho ! Ho …Wear the "Ho HoHo" costume and try to beat [10 000] pts playing [Angel] challenge (Alps).
    • Santa's Sleigh - Delivery of gifts ! Finish [KitchikRacers] riding with the sled [Alaska]
    • Special Tricks - Cumulate 20 rodeo tricks on the [In Between the Lines] challenge (Japan)
  • Week of December 31
    • Happy Challenge - Equip the "Happy" paraglide from the store and finish [Butterfly] challenge winning the gold medal (Alps)
    • New Challenge - Equip the "New" paraglide from the store and explore new horizon finishing 2 paraglide challenges in Aiguilles region (Alps)
    • Year Challenge - Equip the "Year" paraglide from the store and take a beautiful picture (no filter) over the mountains in Alaska

UCWC Rewards

  • Week1 :Pants, Goggles, Backpack, Snowboard, Parachute
  • Week2 : Snowboard, Rocket Wingsuit, Pants, Backpack, Parachute
  • Week3 :Parachute, Backpack, Snowboard, Goggles, Rocket Wingsuit
  • Week4 :Jacket, Helmet, Snowboard, Backpack, Rocket Wingsuit+ Bonus 20 000 Credits
  • Week5 :Rocket Wingsuit, Backpack, Parachute, Goggles, Pants


Steep Season 13 - World Tour Tournament

Our Steep World Tour tournament will run from December 6 to December 24. The goal is for you to score the max amount of points by doing tricks in various ski and snowboard challenges.

The event’s 3 phases will be in the in-game Live Page once they’re active.


December 6-9

Beat one challenge to access the next phase. Play all the challenges to get the maximum amount of Steep credits!

REWARDS - Access to the next phase plus GLOVES, SCARF and 5,000 STEEP CREDITS


  • All in One (Japan)
  • Tree Dimensional (Japan)
  • Dam an Retry (Japan)
  • The Samuride (Japan)


December 13-16

The best 100 players will qualify for the Final. You have 200 tries to improve your result and reach the TOP 100.

REWARDS - Access to the next phase plus HELMET, JACKET AND 10,000 STEEP CREDITS.


  • Yotei Snow Park (Japan)


December 20-22

You have 20 tries to improve your result and reach the TOP 3.


  • Asahi Snow Park (Japan)


SKIS SNOW FLAKE for the TOP 3 plus:

  • 1st Place: 50,000 STEEP CREDITS
  • 2nd Place: 25,000 STEEP CREDITS
  • 3rd place: 12,500 STEEP CREDITS


We hope you will enjoy Season 13 and all of our Holiday Specials! December is full of Christmas challenges and we’d love see your best Steep holiday spirit with #SteepPhotoMode or #SteepGame.