[2019-01-22] Best Races - SUNSET

Become a Steep Racing Pro with These Challenges!

22/01/2019 05:00 PM

Race down the slopes and improve your Pro Rider score with these fan-favorite competitive challenges!

A few of our most dedicated Steep community members and experts from the Yeti Society have handpicked a few entry-level races to get you started. Find these challenges by exploring Steep’s open world and discovering new Drop Zones.

Competitive player obZenDF recommends the tactical race Wasabi. “The race Wasabi is great for beginners, and has many different ways to tackle the slope downwards. It's a good training for finding your own lines.” Tactical races allow players to get a feel for the best route from start to finish, focusing on speed and precision as you weave between environmental obstacles. If you prefer to speed through a specific path, there are a variety of checkpoint races in which you follow an exact line as closely as possible. You’ll find the Wasabi race in the Rosa Monte region of the Alps.

Yeti member Kdogg788 suggests races in the Aravis and Tyrol areas for beginner friendly terrain and events. After practicing these races and becoming more confident in their skills, players can move on to more difficult challenges. “Once you get onto the Matterhorn or Mont Maudit, the difficulty amps up quite a bit. Mont Blanc itself is kind of a mixed bag because it's so open so I'd put it in between in terms of difficulty.”

Strap on your racing gear and give these challenges a try! If you would like more advice and tips from the Steep community experts, stop by our official forums or Reddit.

See you on the slopes,

The Steep Team


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