[2019-01-08] Best Trick Challenges - REDBULL_EXTREME_SPINELINE

Best Challenges to Improve Your Tricks!

01/08/2019 05:00 PM

Are you new to Steep or would you like to improve your highest scores? Practice makes perfect!

One of our most experienced players, Mstifye, has personally selected a few challenges that can bring you up to expert level in no time. You can find these challenges by exploring Steep’s open world and discovering new Drop Zones

Learning the ropes

Mstifye recommends trying the Bargy Snowpark challenge in the Alps for ski / snowboard fans. You’ll find it in the Ponte Percée region.

Coordinates: 4813 S - 345 E

“This is the challenge where I perfected my jumps and understood how the jump system in STEEP worked. I understood how to prepare for jumps and how to execute them.”

Most of the challenges with blue guidelines are a good starting point for practicing your ski and snowboarding skills. During a challenge, hold R2 (RT on Xbox One/ "_" key on PC) to crouch and prepare for a jump, then release it near the top of the jump to reach maximum height. The blue guidelines on ramps in challenges like Bargy and Jumps clearly mark the best spot to pop your tricks- a perfect way to practice!

Upping the ante

After you feel comfortable with the guidelines, it’s time to practice what you’ve learned on some more advanced challenges without guidance or restrictions. Glacier Hurdles in Aiguille Verte is a fan-favorite Freerider challenge in the Alps, featuring a long track with smooth transfers, creative lines, and massive jumps. Mstifye also recommends the Space Jump in the Matterhorn for courageous players who crave more airtime. “This is one of the biggest drops in the game, this challenge will give you plenty of time in the air to practice spins and your most impressive flips. Landing it is a different story though.”

Grab your skis and snowboards and try out these challenges for yourself! While you’re at it, why not share your clips using the hashtag #SteepGame, or send us your best #SteepPhotoMode images?

If you would like more advice and tips from the Steep community experts, stop by our official forums or Reddit.

See you on the slopes,

The Steep Team

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