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All you need to know about the new monthly Live Seasons

04/30/2019 05:00 PM

#SteepPhotoMode by yu-koji.

We have recently updated the Live Seasons system to offer even more rewards. Every season will now last for 1 month instead of 3. This way, we’ll be able to drastically improve the opportunities you will have to get new and interesting rewards!

We are committed to support your passion for Steep as much as ever. We are grateful for the love you are constantly showing for the game. It means everything for us and we want you to keep having amazing adventures in the mountains. We are proud to share this journey with all of you ❤️

We have also improved each activity linked to the Seasons. Let’s take a look at what has changed.


[2019-04-30] New Season Format World Tour Banner

The Steep World Tour will keep having 3 phases, but each one of them will now run during weekends. In this way, it’ll be much simpler for you to take part and it’ll also help to achieve another important objective: making each phase more interesting.

We really want you to feel a competitive vibe when playing the tournament; right from the start. For this reason, we have tweaked the difficulty of the qualifiers, to make them a bit more difficult. They were really too easy in the past.

We have also worked on evolving the number of tries you will have in the 2nd and 3rd phases. The idea is to give you a reasonable amount of them to improve your score in the 2nd phase. A number you can aim to reach. It’s 200 now, down from 1000. You will also have more chances to realize your best performance during the Final with 20 tries now, up from 5.

We’ll keep iterating on the number of tries and on the difficulty of the challenges. Don’t hesitate to share your feedback after having played the next Steep World Tour!


We have introduced new weekly challenges and updated quite a lot of the old ones. Every Tuesday you will find 7 challenges and they will let you obtain part of the exclusive monthly set. Some pieces are going to be obtainable only during a specific week. Check in the game regularly to make sure you do not miss any reward!


These are special new challenges available for the full duration of each season (1 month), where you will be able to explore specific interesting areas of the game. Some of them will be very difficult while others more approachable. You will get Steep Credits by completing them.

Some of you will also get to make one of these challenges! Every month we’ll have a Yeti Special realized by one of the Steep community leaders, members of our Yeti Society.


[2019-04-30] New Season Format April Fools Banner

Every month we’ll have at least one special event built around a specific theme. Sometimes it’ll be linked to a popular festivity, like Saint Patrick's Day while in other moments it’ll be more surprising.

We don’t want to spoil the surprise already. We’ll regularly share more info about each event when they’ll go live, stay tuned on our channels 👀

Have fun in taking part in those activities and don’t forget to share your best Steep’s moments by using #SteepPhotoMode or #SteepGame!

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