New “Best of” Seasons Incoming

03/03/2020 12:00 PM

Celebrating the Best of Steep

To celebrate all that Steep has to offer, we’ve decided to look back at your favorite seasonal content that has graced our snowy digital mountains. For the next few months, we will be doing a “best of” of our live activities where some of the most successful equipment sets will be back for you to collect one last time.

Of course, along with these “Best of” seasons comes the usual Steep World Tour, weekly Ubisoft club challenges and monthly Season specials to test your skills on the slope!

To start off, we’re looking back at Season 4: “Flight of the Quetzal”, which had a beautiful exclusive wingsuit inspired by the bird of the same name.

The Quetzal is found in the tropical forest of Central America and was sacred to the Maya and Aztec peoples. Priests, kings, and other important figures of those societies wore its feathers during ceremonies and other important events, so what better way to celebrate Steep than to jump off a mountain in ceremonial style!

Before we go, a small note regarding PvP mode: we are removing the “beta” label as it was there for technical reasons which have now been resolved.

We’re looking forward to once again appreciating the best of Steep, wicked cool equipment sets and more monthly challenges!

See you on the slopes!


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