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New Community Challenges

03/23/2020 12:00 PM

#SteepPhotoMode by Bonecrusher2D, SniiKx, Alterblast

Starting today in STEEP, we are hosting a new special series called Community Challenges. Each week for the next 3 weeks, there will be a different challenge for the community to complete by working together to earn rewards for all.

We are seeing what is happening around the world and how so many of us are impacted. The whole team working on the game shares a strong passion for outdoors and sports. STEEP is the direct result of those, and we know you feel that way too. Playing STEEP together is a way to have fun in the mountains, to experience the outdoors even from the comfort and safety of our homes. With these new time limited Community Challenges we want to give you extra rewards and additional common objectives, as a thank you for your continued support

To find the first challenge just start the game now, go in the Live Page and select Community Challenge 1. The Community needs to complete it a minimum total of 20.000 times until March 29th included to unlock the reward! You can play it multiple times, and every time you complete it, we’ll count and include your run no matter on what platform you are playing.


#SteepPhotoMode by xGBx Boogie


The 1st week’s reward will be the sport ticket for Speed Riding. It’ll be available for free and for all players in the in-game store the following week if the goal will be reached.

We’ll reveal each new challenge, reward availability as well as the global progress throughout each week via Twitter and Instagram. You can also find more people to play with via Reddit.

If you already have a specific reward, join in and help the rest of the community to unlock it. Show your support!

Keep sharing your photos and videos using the hashtag #SteepPhotoMode while you play these challenges, we’ll highlight some of them on our social media channels.


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[2020-03-23] New Community Challenges Header

New Community Challenges

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03/23/202012:00 PM

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