[2018-10-16] PvP Intro

Introducing New PvP Multiplayer Mode for Steep

25/10/2018 02:00 PM

Challenge your friends in the new Steep PvP multiplayer mode - available for free to all players as part of the next update, rolling out on October 29th for PC players and coming soon for PS4 and Xbox One Players. The first phase of implementing this new mode will be a beta state, so we can test the technical infrastructure and continue to iterate. Try it first and share your feedback!

“Steep is a multiplayer game at its core – you can always seamlessly play with other players. But so far, the moments when you play together with the same objective are rare,” Steep Creative Director Igor Manceau commented. “We’ve been working to find the right combination of cooperative and competitive play, where players can truly play together, at the same moment, and tackle the same dedicated objectives together.”

How does it work?

Start by joining the multiplayer lobby in the Mountain View and our automatic matchmaking system will group you with up three other players. As soon as everyone is ready, a 5-second timer will appear and count down to the start of the match. When the countdown reaches zero, the competition begins.

[2018-10-25] PVP Intro

You will encounter a series of different challenges in the Alps, linked together through playlists. Every PvP session will start with a randomized playlist. Each playlist includes different challenges with the same theme, such as race, freestyle, rocket wingsuit, and wingsuit. You will compete twice in every challenge before the final winner is decided. The synchronous PvP gameplay also allows for collisions with other players, so pay close attention to your surroundings!

Steep Game Director Arnaud Ragot said, “We knew from the start that synchronous multiplayer would be a very cool experience, but many things surprised us during development. During our play sessions, we found that this new mode brings out a lot of different types of emotions! You can have a lot of fun colliding together, and there may even be some drama when you find yourself losing to your friend at the last 10 meters.

We also found that character customization immediately become more exciting with synchronous multiplayer. We started to spend more time at the beginning of each play session to create our own unique style, to personalize our outfit in fun ways, and stand out in a crowd – adding some additional flavor to the overall Steep experience. We can’t wait to get this in your hands, and for you to have as much fun as we are with this new way to enjoy the game.”

We’ll regularly update you on our forums and social media on the progress of this beta phase.

See you on the slopes!