Introducing Live Activities Seasons!

23/03/2018 10:00 AM

Looking for your next achievement in Steep? Then we have good news - as from April 2018, we will start implementing our brand-new LIVE ACTIVITIES SEASONS system!

Every 3 months, you will have the opportunity to win an EPIC and EXCLUSIVE EQUIPMENT SET by taking on various temporary challenges.

For each challenge you will achieve, we will grant you a different piece of equipment – up to you to fulfill them all or only pick the ones you want.


SEASON 1 – 3 months will feature:

  • 3 Tournaments – with a very similar structure to previous Steep World Tour’s (Qualifiers > Competition > Final).
  • 3 Steps challenges – The higher you score, the bigger you’re rewarded.
  • 3 Completion challenges – that may take quite some time to achieve (but will highly reward you for that).

SEASON 1 will last from April 1st to June 29th. More details on its specific content to come soon.