Steep is Sunsetting: Let’s Celebrate as We Look Forward

10/08/2020 12:00 PM

Hey Riders!

The time has come to celebrate the best moments of Steep before the Ubisoft Annecy team shifts focus to a brand-new game, Riders Republic! We’ve curated a dev retrospect in appreciation for our time working on Steep and to highlight your incredible feats. Check it out below!

Steep’s live activities will also have a new setup. From September 2020 until February 2021, you will continue to find:

  • 3 new Season Specials every month
  • 3 new Ubisoft Club Weekly Challenges every week
  • All 23 PVP playlists available at any time

After February 2021, the PVP playlist will remain available and the other live activities will be suspended. Please keep in mind that the game will be playable as usual with all its standard content, only the live activities content will be suspended.


“Working on Steep was like bringing the mountains to life. What a satisfaction it was to see players share skills, photos and just genuine happiness playing the game! Nature is a wonderful sandbox and you know how to enjoy it. Thank you for sharing your passion!”

- Lauriane Garcin, Live Operations Specialist

“It’s been a fantastic and exhilarating ride to work on Steep! From the photos and trails you shared, gameplay you posted, stories you wrote, I was stunned by the passion, the creativity and the kindness YOU, the Steep Community, put into this world daily. A lot of great, great memories! Thanks a lot for all of this. YOU ROCK!”

- Alexandre Enklaar, Live Producer

STEEP: Goodbye Infographic


Of course, Steep would not have been the same without the passion from our whole community and the dedication of its core members, our amazing Yetis, who went above and beyond to share our common passion for extreme sports and the outdoors!

We’d like to thank all players for the amazing moments throughout the years and look forward to riding with you once again in Riders Republic.

In case you missed it, be sure to check out the Riders Republic announcement news and stay tuned for more details in the months to come.

See you on the Mountain!

- The Steep Team