Steep Star #9: Mstifye

05/12/2017 10:00 AM

What name do you go by?

I like to go by Mstifye! I would love to say that there is a super interesting reason for that name, but no, it's just a word I found catchy and it rolled off the tongue when I created my Xbox Account back in 2012.

What’s your primary Playstyle?

My primary Playstyle has to be Pro Rider. I love to put myself to the test! Ever since I started competitive gaming I've been obsessed with finding the best tricks/routes to achieve the highest possible score and also to push myself to raise my score as much as I can! This is what I find fun. When I am not doing that I am usually chilling by starting at the top of a mountain and riding all the way down to discover what obstacles are in my way.

Your favorite sport to play in Steep?

All of them are great and have a unique purpose, but I feel like I would be crazy not to say Snowboard since it is the majority of my gameplay! I also love wingsuit a lot.


Favorite spot?

This is a tough one, I really love the extreme areas. Doing huge tricks off every dangerous cliff is very satisfying! But if I had to pick one I would go with a challenge called "Mount Blanc Red Bull Linecatcher", it's very challenging.

Proudest achievement?

My proudest achievement in Steep has to be winning a snowboard in the Sammy Luebke Challenge! (Without Flat Ground Mini-Tricks too)

What you do besides playing Steep?

When I am not playing Steep I am mostly trying to create entertaining videos on my Youtube Channel! Other than that I also enjoy graphic designing, listening to music, and of course playing video games!

Your wildest dream about Steep?

Believe it or not, Steep has offered things I've dreamed about doing in videogames forever! For example, the Sammy Luebke Snowboard Challenge, I've always wanted to compete to win real life items, and The Steep World Tour Series, a tournament right inside the game that players could participate in. So far, Steep has exceeded my expectations! But I guess my wildest dream that I would like to see in the game is some sort of team battles where multiple riders could work together to set scores and face other individuals.


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