Steep Star #10: Pokey6x6

06/23/2017 10:00 AM

What name do you go by?

By the name of Pokey usually. This is my nickname in real life too. The reason for the nickname has faded throughout time by now, but yeah it stuck with me. In the Ubisoft circuit you can find me as Pokey6x6, and on YouTube it's Pokeys Gaming.

What’s your primary play-style?

Well, Freerider would best suit me I suppose, because 99% of my playtime is basically just dropping somewhere on any of the mountains and just trying to find a line or something else interesting along the way down. There is so much to find, and so many experiences to create for yourself. To any and all riders, I suggest to just fly somewhere with your paraglider, spot your way down and just go for it. There's always a new trail to carve!


Your favorite sport to play in Steep?

That would be Snowboarding, by far! Seeing as that is something I really want to do in real life, but living in the Netherlands makes that a bit difficult. Wingsuiting is in second place, it's amazing to pick up speed and fly as close to everything you possibly can!

Favorite spot?

The entire game is my favorite spot. Anywhere I go I am guaranteed to have a really good time! There are some spots I like to return to every now and then, but there is no single spot that I could a favorite I think. If I had to name one spot which I really do love a lot, it would be Igloo City in Alaska I think. A lot of great lines there!

Proudest achievement?

My proudest achievement in or regarding Steep, I think would be the fact that two of my screenshots have been chosen to be shared by Steep on their Facebook and Twitter. Some may consider me quite the shutterbug because I always make and upload screenshots. So to hear that the creators of my favorite game enjoy seeing and sharing my shots makes me proud.

What you do besides playing Steep?

I work full-time as a bicycle mechanic in Amsterdam. In my free time, obviously I like myself some videogames. My activities out of the house however are mostly climbing and mountain biking. Not that we have any mountains to climb or bike but I make do with single tracks and indoor climbing gyms. And of course being around my friends whenever I have the chance, I love my friends. Also I occasionally like to edit some videos when I get around to it.

Your wildest dream about Steep?

Well this game in itself was already a wild dream for me really. This really grabbed me in a way I didn't think it would. But of course there's always room for more! I personally would love to see a challenge or small area with the risk of Avalanches. What also could be a great addition would be Snowmobiles, but I understand that both of those things are really complicated to create.

To me this game is already a long awaited dream, so I am really happy as it is right now. Oh now that I think of it, my wildest dream about Steep would be, don't ever let it die and keep up the good work!


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