We want you!

08/04/2017 10:00 AM

Dear Slopes Riders,

As you may already know, Steep is here to stay and its Community is at the heart of our game development. Hence, on August 29th, we’re inviting some of you to Ubisoft Annecy for a 3 days-workshop to discuss the following topics with our Devs:

• Competitive events, Tournaments and rewards improvements.

• UGC creation tools, submission/broadcasting platform and visibility.

• Exploration and free roaming: supporting player’s experience.

• Road to The Olympics: delivering a true Olympics fantasy.

WE DEFINITELY NEED YOUR INPUT THERE! So please feed the Workshop forum with your ideas, feedback, and comments before August 28th so we can better understand and address your needs.

Just before you ask: what happens in the workshop doesn’t stay in the workshop! To keep you up to date with what we’re discussing there, we’ll be hosting a daily video recap on Facebook Live from 4pm UTC – stay tuned to our Steep Facebook page!

Thanks for your help - we really look forward to hearing from you :)

The Steep Team


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