Steep World Tour Stars #1

08/14/2017 08:00 AM

STEEP WORLD TOUR SEASON 2-SERIES 1 just ended. Here you can find a few words from the PC Rider who won it.

Where does your name come from?

I was really into editing years ago and wanted the name Cinematic. My username before that was SiN, I combined them both into SiNoMaTiC. Not very interesting I know. :)

How long have you been playing STEEP?

8 months since the game was released. I played the Alpha and Beta religiously.

What’s your favorite Challenge in STEEP?

My Favorite challenge would definitely be Jolly Jumper, I really like the style of the run and its surroundings.

In what state of mind did you join this competition?

I honestly thought I was going to lose to my teammate Mstifye. We both have been practicing this map everyday for a week, and each of us beat the world record for the fastest time, it was anybody's race at that point.

When did you first start believing in your chances to win this competition?

I started practicing a few hours before the final started and began getting 3:20 - 3:24 every try without fail. I broke the record again and got 3:19 and I felt pretty confident I was going to do well with my 2 tries.

Could you tell us a bit more about your competitive style and strategy?

My Competitive style is do whatever you can to win, I'm real competitive with my friends on Steep who force me to push harder for those fast times. My strategy for this map was to get a feel for the fastest way watching first place, and seeing what I could improve to beat the time, figuring out a perfect line through the trees near the end really helped me secure a faster time, and the previous first place of all time for that map didn't quite go the fastest route to the end. :)

Any tips for rookies?

Play the Moon challenge and learn to gain speed from the trees. :)



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