'Own the Sky' - All dates of the Steep World Tour 2, Series 2

08/17/2017 10:00 AM

Dear Steep Riders,

For the first time ever, the upcoming series of the Steep World Tour is all about Paragliding! For this one, patience and resilience are required. Check dates and locations below, qualifiers starts on August 18th and are opened to everyone.

Good luck!



Freeride World Tour is back

Check all the dates and locations below. Competition starts on September 15th and it is open to everyone!

09/14/201709:00 AM

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Steep World Tour Stars: super-pilot

The second series of the Steep World Tour Season 2 just ended and we have interviewed the PS4 Rider who has won it.

09/14/201709:00 AM

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Steep World Tour - 'Own the Sky': The Winners!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the second series of the Steep World Tour Season 2! Please check the best riders below.

09/11/201712:00 PM

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