Steep World Tour Stars: super-pilot

09/14/2017 09:00 AM

The second series of the Steep World Tour Season 2 about paragliding ended few days ago and we have interviewed super-pilot, the french player who was able to get the best time across all platform.

Where does your name come from?

I’ve always been passionate about aeronautics and I chose this nickname a long, long time ago. I’ve kept it ever since.

How long have you been playing Steep?

I’ve started to play during the beta and I'm still enjoying it.

What’s your favorite Challenge in Steep?

It’s tough to choose one in particular between all the sports but "Steep Skills", in Alaska, is a slalom that I really love.

In what state of mind did you join this competition?

Above all else I wanted to have fun with my friend zépequenot65, but I also wanted to win the competition. Whilst trying to be the fastest across all platforms, we trained together on those challenges and helped each other out. There were lots of great moments but also lots of fails! Despite our good times, we could never get complacent because the difficulty of those climbs meant our sails ended up in the rocks a lot ;)

When did you first start believing in your chances to win this competition?

Once I succeeded in climbing quickly and without wiping out regularly, I told myself I could do well in a competition. The race course is very technical and the urge to try too hard can quickly catch you out and a wipe out usually follows.

Could you tell us a bit more about your competitive style and strategy?

My strategy was to play at the last possible moment in the finals, I didn't want to give a reference time to other players. Always try to attack.

Any tips for rookies?

It's important to not get frustrated if you don’t succeed. Come back and try again a bit later when you are more relaxed.

We want to congratulate again with super-pilot for this great achievement, well done! Don't forget to join the next series of the Steep World Tour on September 15th. You can be the next champion!


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