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Steep World Tour Stars: ItsMstifye

10/18/2017 10:00 AM

The Freeride World Tour, the third series of the Steep World Tour Season 2, ended a few days ago. We have interviewed ItsMstifye, the player who was able to get the best time across all platform. Let's discover more about him and how he managed to achieve this important result.

Where does your name come from?

I decided on the username ItsMstifye because Mstifye was already taken. I really like using the username on Steep though, because players can see me riding down a mountain and say "Its Mstifye!". So I guess it works fantastic in the open world of Steep.

How long have you been playing Steep?

The first time I played Steep was during the closed Alpha. When I first heard that you could sign up for the alpha, I rushed and filled it out hoping I would get in. It's insane that the closed alpha was over a whole year ago. Time really flew by!

What’s your favorite Challenge in Steep?

I've really been enjoying playing Red Bull Ultra Natural recently. The ramps are very relaxing to go off of. The challenge has tons of different paths to go down and it's really turned into my chill challenge I turn to when I need something to play.

In what state of mind did you join this competition?

My state of mind when I joined the competition was to win, but also to have fun. Friendly competition is always great, it keeps the game fresh and the fun alive for me.

When did you first start believing in your chances to win this competition?

I started to believe in my chances of winning when I was practicing the map Steep Aravis a few days before the finals with my friend Calplex. I ended up trying a new method and I got the world record! That's when I knew I had a pretty good shot at winning. About a few hours after the finals had started, Isebba told me that he, unfortunately, messed up his turns. After that, I was fairly confident in my chances of winning.

Could you tell us a bit more about your competitive style and strategy?

My strategy is trying to make the most out of every run. I always try to use only 1 try at the start of the competition and save the rest for later. In your runs make sure not to fall because you really don't want to lose your multiplier. If you do happen to fall get back up and keep going! Saving at least 1 of your tries as a safe run is a very smart move. In your safe run try to go a route that is less dangerous, try to find a way with high points and little risk. If you save a run or two to the very end of the finals, you'll have one more chance to put it all on the line and play very risky to win.

Any tips for rookies?

First of all, make sure you always watch the first of all time replay before playing any challenge. If you're going the correct way to get the most points you already have a huge advantage. When you want a better chance of winning the Steep World Tour Finals make sure you keep an eye on Steep's website, they'll always put the final challenge name on there so you can start practicing right away. After you have an idea on the route you need to take by watching the replay, try to get very consistent. Try starting small, going through the map without falling and not worrying about points is a great place to start. After you master that you can break down your run and analyze where you can pick up few additional points along the way. If you keep increasing your personal best little by little eventually there will be a huge point increase overall! Practice really does make perfect. Learning your map surroundings and learning the G-force system takes time, but eventually you'll get the hang of it, just don't give up!

Congratulations to ItsMstifye for this important win and don't forget to join the next series of the Steep World Tour, started on October 13th.


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