Competitors Tournament: Meet our first Finalist

12/05/2017 10:00 AM

Qualifiers – Phase 1 just ended and we have our first finalist...

Congratulations to CheVaBarba!

In February, CheVaBarba will join us for the Steep Road to the Olympics Grand Final!


Stay tuned for the next Steep Tournament on the Competitors Basecamp website – to be launched soon.



Meet the athletes that inspired us!

For Steep road to the Olympics, we had the honor to meet and work with some of the most talented athletes on the planet.

12/12/201710:00 AM

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Where to find Olympic Events?

With Steep Road to the Olympics, we’re introducing new official Olympic events to the original game.

12/12/201708:00 AM

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Steep - RTTO Tips&Tricks HEADER

Steep Road to the Olympics: Tips and Tricks

With Steep Road to the Olympics knocking at the door, we thought it would be a good idea teach you (or remind some of you) a few things about Tricks, Grind, Tweaks and Jumps.

12/08/201712:00 PM

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