Summer Update: What's new?

06/11/2018 10:00 AM

Today, we are pushing our new batch of features and improvements aka Summer Update – It includes:

  • A Photo Mode feature
    The Photo Mode allows you to capture in-game shots of beautiful landscapes and/or epic rides – and share it with the rest of the Community – Plus, to celebrate E3, we’re launching a Photo Mode contest! Check it now!
  • The Activity log
    This new feature guides you to your next challenge or activity based on the ones you previously achieved.
  • Live activities 2.0
    We completely revamped the live page to provide you with more visibility on your past progression and what you still need to achieve via the Live page + Ubisoft challenges as part of the game.
  • Snow spray effect improvements
    We’ve heard you! We worked hard on improving our Snow spray effect and it looks now better than ever :)

We hope you will enjoy Steep Summer update - Stay tuned for our Multiplayer Mode addition coming this fall!


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