[2018-10-30] Season 3

Live Activities – Season 3 | November

10/30/2018 12:00 PM

Live activities are back for Season 3 that will run from October 30th to December 31st!

Completing different Ubisoft Club challenges and taking part in the Steep World Tour will get you the opportunity to obtain an exclusive X Games equipment set. Let’s see what you can do in November to get these items.

Ubisoft Club challenges

Starting from October 30th you will find a series of weekly and community Ubisoft Club Challenges, accessible directly in game on the Steep Live page, which will grant you the following rewards during November: Backpack, Wingsuit, Parachute of the X Games set and an additional Season 3 Outfit.

You can find more information about the Ubisoft Club Challenges on this page.

Steep World Tour Freestyle

A new edition of the Steep World Tour will run from November 2nd to November 20th. As usual, the event is divided in 3 phases and advancing through them will let you get a lot of pieces of the X Games set. You will be able to easily access this event directly from the in game Live Page.

Play the Qualifiers, beat at least one of them to get access to the Competition on November 10th and if you will be able to reach there the TOP 128 you will get access to the Final!

QUALIFIERS: November 2nd – 9th

REWARDS: Access to the next phase plus GLOVES, GOGGLES and 2.000 Steep Credits for each qualifier you will pass

  • November 2nd: Jumps (Alps) – Score more than 2.000 points
  • November 3rd: Freeztyler (Alaska) – Score more than 4.000 points
  • November 4th: Drop! (Alps) – Score more than 3.500 points
  • November 5th: Lumber Park (Alaska) – Score more than 3.900 points
  • November 6th: Creamy Lines (Alaska) – Score more than 4.500 points
  • November 7th: Halfpipe (Alps) – Score more than 800 points
  • November 8th: Upside Down (Alps) – Score more than 800 points
  • November 9th: Tricksmaster (Alps) – Score more than 600 points

Pick the one(s) you want!

COMPETITION: November 10th – 16th

REWARDS for the TOP 128: Access to the next phase plus PANTS and 5.000 Steep Credits

  • Angel (Alps) – 128 Qualified

FINAL:November 17th – 20th

REWARDS: 1st place SNOWBOARD, SKIIS, HELMET plus 15.000 Steep Credits | 2nd place SNOWBOARD, SKIIS plus 10.000 Steep Credits | 3rd place SNOWBOARD plus 5.000 Steep Credits

  • Invaders (Alps) – 3 Tries

Good luck everyone!

[2019-04-19] Easter Event

Easter Event – Egg Hunters, we need you!

Dress up like a real Egg Hunter with the new exclusive gear available now in the game!

04/19/201905:00 PM

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[2019-04-02] Season 5

Season 5 is starting now!

A new Season, Spring Rituals, is starting in April! Take part in our live activities this month to get the exclusive Victory Yama Blue set.

04/02/201905:00 PM

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[2019-03-29] April Fools Day

April Fools' Day – A Salmon is singing

Gear up for April Fool's Day with a very special Ubisoft Club Challenge available now in-game, the Fool Challenge!

03/29/201905:00 PM

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