[2019-01-30] Live Season 4 - Freestyle

Season 4 continues in February

01/30/2019 05:00 PM

Flight of the Quetzal started last month and during February we’ll have a new set of in-game live activities. Complete Ubisoft Club challenges and take part in the tournament to get the exclusive Aztec equipment set.

Ubisoft Club challenges

You will keep seeing a series of weekly and community Ubisoft Club Challenges with a rotation of rewards. They are accessible directly in game on the Steep Live page and they will grant you the following rewards: Rocket Wingsuit, Backpack, Wingsuit Helmet, and Parachute of the Aztec set.

Every week you will find a different set of challenges, check Steep regularly to find the best way for you to get the item you are looking for.

You can find more information about the Ubisoft Club Challenges on this page.


A new Steep World Tour tournament focused on Ski and Snowboard challenges will run from February 8th to February 26th. The event is divided in 3 phases and advancing through them will let you get a lot of pieces of the Aztec set. You will be able to easily access this event directly from the in game Live Page.

Play the Qualifiers from February 8th, beat at least one of them to access the Competition on February 16th and the best 100 players will get access to the Final!

QUALIFIERS: February 8th – 15th

REWARDS: Access to the next phase plus GLOVES, GOGGLES and 2,000 Steep Credits for each qualifier you will pass

  • February 8th: Burger Jump – Score more than 3,000 points
  • February 9th: Silent Valley – End the race in less than 2 minutes and 10 seconds
  • February 10th: Petrified – Score more than 4,500 points
  • February 11th: Soft Pillow – End the race in less than 51 seconds
  • February 12th: Creamy Lines – Score more than 7,900 points
  • February 13th: Moon – End the race in less than 43 seconds
  • February 14th: Ferwallspitze – Score more than 1,000 points
  • February 15th: Run Fouret – End the race in less than 1 minute and 25 seconds

Pick the one(s) you want!

COMPETITION: February 16th – 22nd

REWARDS for the TOP 100: Access to the next phase plus PANTS, SCARF and 5,000 Steep Credits

  • Extrem Aravis (Score) – 100 Qualified

FINAL: February 23rd - 26th

REWARDS: SNOWBOARD, SKIS plus 15,000 Steep Credits for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

  • Boardsleigh (Race) – 5 Tries

Good luck everyone!

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