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Become a Wingsuit proximity master

02/05/2019 05:00 PM

If you’ve been following our recent Steep challenge articles, you will have already gotten to grips with tricks and races with your snowboard or skis thanks to a series of entry-level challenges recommended by our dedicated Steep players in the Yeti Society

This week, we take to the skies!

This article is all about Wingsuit proximity challenges. Unlike the time-sensitive races, these require you to pass through checkpoints while staying as close to the ground and passing as closely by obstacles as possible. Be sure to send us some #SteepPhotoMode images of your proximity runs on social media!

[2019-02-05] Wingsuit Challenges - Say Hi!

One of our British Yetis, Calplex, has a couple of recommendations. The first is Say Hi! in the Alps.

“Unlike the time challenges, it is all about taking risk to get that gold. If you’re feeling brave and up for the challenge you can throw yourself very close to the glaciers and rocks. If you wanted to take it easy and get used to the wingsuit mechanics you can glide beside the sharp rocks and not have to worry about dodging or getting your risk factor high. You can take your own time with the challenge, when you are ready you can take the challenge on and up your personal best!”

Say Hi! is located at 1738 N – 5360 W in Aiguilles.

But that is not all! Calplex continues:

[2019-02-05] Wingsuit Challenges - Fly Like A Whale

“If you are looking for the same sort of challenge but in Alaska. I would recommend Fly like a Whale; it’s the exact same sort of challenge which you can take at your own pace.”

You will find that Alaska challenge at the coordinates 1437 S – 1527 W.

[2019-02-05] Wingsuit Challenges - Kahiltna Fly

Steep wingsuit expert Bonecrusher2D also has an Alaska challenge if you feel up to it. Kahiltna Fly begins at 1468 N – 2749 W, and you shouldn’t let the difficulty rating discourage you:

“The canyons and rocks add a depth of play meaning you can be safe and take the outside, or you can try flying through these small caverns.”

For each of these challenges, you’ll notice the same piece of advice: play it safe during your first attempts, then gradually challenge yourself to get closer and closer to the ground.

Want to see how the pros do it?

Why not check out Team AVALANCHE’s YouTube channel, featuring world record runs of the above challenges from members of our Yeti Society such as Bonecrusher2D and SiNoMaTiC!

If you’re looking for help on any challenges in Steep, or if you’d like to share your success stories, check out our official forums or Reddit .

The Steep Team


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