[2019-02-19] Paragliding Tips - MrTronDaMon

Walking on air – Tips for budding paragliders!

02/04/2019 05:00 PM

#SteepPhotoMode by MrTronDaMon.

Hello Riders!

To close things off on our series of articles for Steep newcomers, we’re going to talk about paragliding!

Compared to the high-speed thrills of the wingsuit and rocket wingsuit, paragliding is a much more laid-back and relaxed air discipline. But that doesn’t mean it comes without its own challenges!

To help you get to grips with Steep’s paragliding mechanics and prepare you for its series of challenges, Yeti Society member Mstifye has some tips to share with you!

Tip #1: Facing your target

“The less you have to turn the better! If your checkpoint is straight ahead, sometimes it’s the best to ease or take your thumb completely off of your left analog stick; this will make your paraglider glide straight towards the checkpoint if you were already on path. Any additional movement, dips or turns are unnecessary and could add lots of time to your score. So as long as you are trying to be as minimalistic as possible, you are sure to shave many seconds off of your time!”

Tip #2: For sharp turns

“Make sure to Hold R2 (RT/”_”) as you are cutting around a tight corner to make a much sharper turn! This will make your movements as swift as possible, and will help you overcome the most intimidating paragliding obstacles throughout your challenge!”

Tip #3: Glide in style!

“This is more of a fun one! If you hold R2 (RT/”_”) while in your paraglide and swing your left stick back and forth as if you were riding a swing, your character will eventually go farther and farther back until a full rotation is complete. This will be really fun to show off your flips to all of your friends riding along with you on the mountain!”

There you have it! We hope you enjoy your Steep paragliding experience. And while you’re up there, make sure to take in the view!

Oh, just one more thing:

[2019-02-19] Paragliding Tips - GV_Kejypu

#SteepPhotoMode by GV_Kejypu.

In the last few weeks, we’ve noticed a lot of you have been taking to the slopes on your trusty sleds. We’d just like to give you guys a special shout-out!

Thank you very much for following this series of articles since the turn of the year; we’ll see you on the slopes!

The Steep Community Team


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