Season 8: Summer Pow is Live with the Invictus Set For You

07/02/2019 12:00 PM

Season 8: Summer Pow takes place from July 2 to July 30, and you can play to win an exclusive Invictus set! This month, we have new activities for you to make the most of the summer.


Our special Ubisoft Club Challenge will celebrate “US National Day” from July 4 to July 8. To participate, get your camera out and take 3 amazing pictures (#NoFilter) wearing the Liberty Helmet anywhere in Alaska.

You can buy the Liberty Helmet in the in-game store. You’ll be rewarded for your beautiful pictures with a pair of Armada Ski. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to this event – we’ll have other Ubisoft Club Challenges for you to win Armada ski in July!

3 new PvP playlists are coming to Alaska! Two of the PvP playlists will focus on tricks and snowparks, and one will have you racing during the night. Get ready for an all-nighter!

And if you weren’t already excited, we’re planning a fun Summer Party for you later this month. Keep an eye on our News page and channels to see when our special events go live. 


Our Steep World Tour tournament this month will run from July 12 to July 26. The goal is for you to score the max amount of points by doing tricks in various ski and snowboard challenges.

The event has 3 phases, which you can find in the in-game Live Page once they’re active.

Steep World Tour_Season 8

QUALIFIERS - July 12-15

REWARDS: Access to the next phase plus SCARF, GLOVES and 5,000 STEEP CREDITS.

  • Beat one challenge to get access to the next phase. Play all the challenges to get the maximum amount of Steep Credits!

TOURNAMENT - July 19-22

REWARDS: Access to the next phase plus JACKET, HELMET AND 10,000 STEEP CREDITS.

  • The best 100 players will qualify for the Final
  • You have 200 tries to improve your result and reach the TOP 100

FINAL - July 26-28

REWARDS: INVICTUS for the TOP 3 plus 50,000 Steep credits for 1st place, 25,000 for 2nd place and 12,500 for 3rd place

  • You have 20 tries to improve your result and reach the TOP 3

Hope you enjoy Steep’s Summer Pow! This month will be your chance to win Armada ski and the Invictus set. We’re excited to see your “US National Day” pictures, and the tricks you’ll pull off in Alaska. Make sure to share your best Steep moments with #SteepPhotoMode or #SteepGame

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