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Get the best of Steep with the Uplay+ free trial

09/06/2019 09:00 AM

Welcome to the Mountains! With Uplay+ free trial going live on September 3rd, it is the perfect time to be introduced to the mountains, slopes, and forests that makes up the world of Steep completely for free until September 30th. For more information about Uplay+ please check out this page.

Steep is an action adventure game where you experience the thrill of snowboarding, skiing, wingsuit, paragliding, and more. Our open world features the captivating mountains of the Alps, freshly powdered snow slopes of Alaska and gorgeous forests of Japan. Each region provides a wide variety of activities for you to explore.

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After completing the tutorial, the best thing to do next is to start exploring the map to find new challenges and try out different sports. One of our Yetis, ObZenDF recommends an “explorer” approach:

“Pick a set of coordinates and just ride from start to end together. You could start at a specific landmark or set of coordinates, then make an endpoint and freely ride everything in between those two points. The player gains a certain familiarity with the map and massif, something you don’t get when just doing challenges or free riding randomly.”

Every spot in the world can be your own personal playground. However, that does not mean you have to explore on your own. You can also explore the world with friends which adds a new layer of adventure and fun to your experience. Sharing success and epic fails with friends can make those moments that much sweeter.

The most effective way to explore the map is by using the Rocket Wingsuit. This will let you easily find new spots and challenges from the begin. You can easily equip it from the sports wheel. When you reach level 25, you will also have an infinite supply of helicopter tickets to fast-travel anywhere you want.

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Once you understand the basic elements of the game, it’s time to explore a whole new set of goals and objectives which you can find in the in-game Live menu. Every month we are adding a brand new season with exclusive rewards and a Steep World Tour tournament where you can compete to be the champion! This month is all about reaching your Breakpoint, you can find all the details here.

Also, for the first time ever, the Steep World Tour will be in Japan during September! The qualification rounds have started at the time of this publication and will last for this weekend, until September 9th. This is the best moment to join this competition!!


Immortalize your favorite mid-air jumps, nature shots and selfies with Photo Mode and share your passion with the rest of the community. Our mountains are full of secrets and cool Easter eggs for you to find. Take snaps of what you discover and share them by using #SteepPhotoMode on your favourite social media. Using Photo Mode is super simple. You can become an instant in-game photographer by pressing F3 on your keyboard or holding down both analog sticks on a controller.

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We hope you enjoy the Mountains as much as we do. If you want to engage with the other awesome players on the slopes, be sure to check out the Steep Sub Reddit and our Instagram account. Looking forward to seeing you out there!


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