Season 11: Tricks and Treats is now live

10/01/2019 12:00 PM

Get ready to be spooked – Season 11 is here! From October 1st to November 5, celebrate Halloween in Steep for a chance to win an exclusive Scary Jack set.

Whether you prefer tricks or treat, you can participate in our Ubisoft Club weekly challenges and in October’s Steep World Tour to get all the set’s pieces.


One of our Yetis made a Season Special for you to try. Available in the Live Page, “Yeti Specials by gnarlyDUCK” is a “nice smooth slope through trees that offer up unique jumps on the Alaska terrain.”

gnarlyDUCK even made a video to showcase this Season Special:

More Halloween-themed events will come out in the coming weeks for you to experience this month’s chills and thrills.



Our Steep World Tour tournament will run from October 11 to October 27. The goal is for you to score the max amount of points by doing tricks in various ski and snowboard challenges.

The event’s 3 phases will be in the in-game Live Page once they’re active.

QUALIFIERS – October 11-14

REWARDS: Access to the next phase plus BACKPACK, HELMET and 5,000 STEEP CREDITS

  • Beat one challenge to access the next phase. Play all the challenges to get the maximum amount of Steep credits!

TOURNAMENT – October 18-21

REWARDS: Access to the next phase plus JACKET, GLOVES AND 10,000 STEEP CREDITS.

  • The best 100 players will qualify for the Final
  • You have 200 tries to improve your result and reach the TOP 100

FINAL – October 25-27

REWARDS: SKIS SCARY JACK for the TOP 3 plus 50,000 Steep credits for 1st place, 25,000 for 2nd place and 12,500 for 3rd place

  • You have 20 tries to improve your result and reach the TOP 3

We hope you will enjoy our Halloween season! October will have plenty of challenges for you to be a mountain daredevil. Make sure to share your scariest Steep moments with #SteepPhotoMode or #SteepGame.


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