Tricks & Treats - New Costumes for Surviving Terrific Night

10/31/2019 01:00 PM


Our riders are taking over the slopes as Jokers! Now it’s time to use your best tricks to scare birds away while wearing a Clown Mask in the Night Owl challenge. Winning the gold medal will net you the ultimate in avian respect (and fear, of course), plus a brand new snowboard!

And if you’re brave enough to take to the slopes and experience all of this month’s chills and thrills, then log in today to participate in this week’s other challenges.

Here’s a full list of the challenges and rewards, available from Oct. 29th till Nov. 5th:

  • Flying Daredevil - Get 5 "Stay in proximity flying for [30] sec in wingsuit & rocket wingsuit" memorable moments - 5000 Steep Credits
  • Exploration - Take any photo on the world applying a black & white filter (n°2 on the list) - 5000 Steep Credits
  • Terrific Night Challenge (new) - Scare birds away wearing "Clown Mask" in [Night Owl] challenge and try to win the gold medal - Snowboard
  • Night Competition (new) - Finish 1st at "Night Riders" PVP playlist - Jacket
  • Scary Forest Challenge (new) - Brave [Lumber Jack] challenge accumulating 50 tricks. Watch the trees! - Wingsuit
  • Special Tricks - Accumulate 30 rodeo tricks playing any "Season Specials" of the month - Pants
  • Community Challenge - The community needs you! Finish, at least, one "Season Special" beating the score and participate to the common objective - Helmet Wingsuit


Once you’ve won your Steep Credits, rush your way towards greater Halloween treats in the Steep shop, including a Halloween themed Jacket, Wingsuit, Pants, and Helmet, available now!


Scary Treats Available in Steep – Jacket, Wingsuit, Pants & Helmet

And with our Steep World Tour wrapped up, our winners are already enjoying their treats.

Steep World Tour October 2019 Winners

Steep World Tour Winners

We hope you will enjoy our Halloween season! October still has plenty of challenges for you to be a mountain daredevil, but time is running out! There are only a few days left in our Halloween-themed events.

Those who survive Terrific Night can also participate in our upcoming Season 12: Active Descent System. Stick to the slopes and the Steep website for more info in the coming days.

And be sure to share your scariest Steep moments with #SteepPhotoMode or #SteepGame on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

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