Celebrating our 3rd Anniversary with an Avalanche of Gifts and Fun Facts

11/29/2019 12:00 PM

To celebrate our 3rd Anniversary, we have 2 surprises for you all! Starting the 29th of November to the 8th of December, each day from 9 AM UTC:

  • We’re giving away one free Steep item in the shop! Every day there will be a single item, from a previous season, available for free in the in-game store page titled “Steep Season”. If you already have the day’s free item (because you took part in that specific previous season) then the “Steep Season” page will be empty. Come back the following day to check out the next reward.
  • We're sharing a Crazy Fun Fact news bit, highlighting the best player records or doing a shout-out to our amazing Steep community! Who had the best airtime? Who won the most SWT? Who’s had the best time playing coop? Which online community are we incredibly thankful for? So many questions… tune in on the 29th for some answers!


We hope you’re just excited as we are! Share the craziest shots of you showing off your favorite new gear with #SteepPhotoMode📸!


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