Steep - Tartiflette Event

Tartiflette and Co. Event—Calling all cheese lovers!

01/14/2020 11:00 AM

Are you the type to say “Extra cheese” during a food order?

Is cheese the reason why you won’t go vegan?

Are you on a first-name basis with the employees at your local cheese shop?

  • If you answered yes, then this seasonal challenge is for you!
  • Is your love for cheese more subtle than these extreme cases? Well, this challenge is for you also :P


Express your love for cheese by slapping on the Steep backpack sticker “In Tartiflette we trust” and taking an awesome filter-less photo with it on! Make sure to tag #SteepPhotoMode and #SteepGame so that we can appreciate them!

What is Tartiflette? Tartiflette is a dish from Savoy in the Alps, made with local reblochon cheese, potatoes, lardons, and onions. For some extra flavor, you can find some more cheese in-game, in the Alps! 🧀

We’re looking forward to seeing your love for cheese on the slopes!

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