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The Japan Map is Free during E3 2019, get it now!

10/06/2019 12:00 PM

Today we want to celebrate E3 2019 with a special gift for you all. The Japan Map is available for free right now, from today until June 16. Launch the game now to get it!

The passion you are constantly showing for Steep is inspiring the whole development team here at Ubisoft Annecy while we work on supporting the game and its future, as you can see every month with the Live Activities. Thank you for being so awesome! This gift is one more way for us to show how much we appreciate and value this amazing community.

How can you get the Japan Map?

It’s very simple! You can get the Japan Map for free by launching the game and visiting the in-game store. There you will find a brand new Japan Ticket, priced at 0 Steep credits. Click on it and you will get permanent access to the Japan Map, for free, forever.

This promotion is available on all platforms (PC, Xbox One and PS4).

By getting the Japan Map you will obtain full access to all its content, including:

  • 26 Challenges and 10 Feats
  • 4 Mountain Stories
  • 4 Snowparks
  • 86 points of interest

Log in now to get free access to Japan and share your best Steep moments with us by using #SteepGame and #SteepPhotoMode!

[2019_06_10] Japan E3 Header

El mapa de Japón es gratis durante el E3. ¡Hazte con él!

Celebra el E3 con el mapa de Japón, disponible de forma gratuita a partir de hoy y hasta el 16 de junio.

10/06/201912:00 PM

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Temporada 7: Ya está aquí No Pain No Gain para darte la oportunidad de ganar un conjunto de equipamiento Atrip/Lobster

Temporada 7: Llega No Pain No Gain con más desafíos del Ubisoft Club, nuestra nueva lista de partidas JcJ “X Games Fest” y nuestro torneo Steep World Tour más reciente.

04/06/201912:00 PM

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Soccer Event Ubisoft Club Challenge Header

Evento de fútbol – Mete la cabeza en el juego

Consigue tu casco de fútbol con un 50% de descuento este fin de semana para completar nuestro desafío del Ubisoft Club y ganar la chaqueta de la Temporada de mayo.

31/05/201912:00 PM

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