[2019-01-01] Best Spots - TNF_EXTREME RIDING

New to Steep? Here are some great locations for big jumps!

01/01/2019 05:00 PM

Hello Riders!

If you’re new to the game, allow us to welcome you to this awesome community! We’re sure it won’t take long for you to feel right at home.

Steep is a big game – there is plenty to see and do, and the game has only grown since it first released in 2016. We can appreciate that it may be tough for newcomers to decide where to start. One of your first decisions will be the sport: skis, snowboard, wingsuit or paraglider?

On top of that, you’ll be wondering where you can go and what you can do across the two regions available in the base game: the Alps and Alaska. Decisions, decisions…

We would like to help you with that. So every second Tuesday for the next two months, we and our friends in the community will give you some pointers on what to do when you first hop into the wintery world of Steep.

For this first article, we have asked members of our Yeti Society – some of our most devoted community members – to highlight and pinpoint three of the best spots for new riders to execute some BIG jumps. You can use the coordinates provided to find the location in the mountain view.

For newcomers, the easiest way to reach a location will be by rocket wingsuit, but when you reach level 25, you will have an infinite supply of helicopter tickets to fast-travel anywhere you want!

The first location is in the Alps, recommended by vi77ain.

[2019-01-01] Best Jump Spots 1

Coordinates: 2780N - 3800E

Vi77ain had this to say: “Furi is a small church village in the Aoste region, but it holds big secrets. It has one of the only church spires you can jump through but it won't let you do it so easily. Also nearby are side hits, buildings, logs and tractors to play around with. There is even a bust of the Mother Mary who watches and protects this village. I spent an entire day here filming a video, good fun for those who can uncover its charms.

This next recommendation, located in Alaska, comes courtesy of Mstifye.

Coordinates: 2991N - 3796E

So why did Mstifye go for this spot? Because it’s “a huge Alaskan Jump, but from the comfort of a ramp to launch you off precisely. The ramp also helps control which direction you want to land much easier than a cliff jump! Some might remember this jump from the ending of the challenge ‘Silverfall II’. Since then, this has remained one of the most exhilarating jumps that I find myself running back to over and over again! Not the biggest jump in Steep, but don't let it fool you, it'll knock your snow boots off!

Our third recommendation is a real toughie to pull off, but luckily we have a demonstration from steeppeeps on Instagram to prove that it is possible!

[2019-01-01] Best Jump Spots 2

Coordinates: 3922S - 5974W

Here is a STYLED Misty 5 safety through an abandoned complex in the Alps.” Steeppeeps does admit: “This spot is very difficult to land a trick, but that's what makes it incredibly fun. Send in your clips of the tricks you get through this complex!

We would certainly love to see more of you guys pulling off this impressive stunt! So please share your footage with us using the hashtag #SteepGame! Or why not send us your best screenshots in #SteepPhotoMode?

Next week, we and the Yeti Society will discuss our favorite challenges for newcomers. We’ll see you there!

The Steep Community Team


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